About us

The purpose of this website is to provide information to community leaders, businesses and consumers that will help them participate in making Oregon the leading place in North America for the introduction of electric vehicles. We believe electric vehicles will bring enormous benefits to the planet and to our state. The initiative aims to increase the visibility and understanding of EVs through outreach and education to engage all facets of the EV community – early adopters, installers of charging stations, would-be drivers and the merely curious. We share lessons learned and best practices. Our efforts help showcase the state’s willingness to embrace and affect the change we need to ensure energy independence, economic advantages and clean air for present and future generations of Oregonians.


2012 promises to be a breakout year for electric vehicles - and Oregon is one of national leaders. For the first time, we will see significant numbers of electric vehicles begin to arrive here. Some will be produced locally. Others will come from global brands. All will have access to a charging network whose numbers have grown from a couple dozen to several hundred stations.


This is all to the good. The electrification of transportation, which has been so well-documented by The Electrification Coalition's Electrification Roadmap booklet, portends a future about to take root in the Willamette Valley. During the last couple years, Oregon has become an active player in the EV arena, with a number of promising relationships and activities in the early stages of development. With additional thought, effort and strategic focus Oregon in the next couple of years, Oregon can become the national leader in adopting and incorporating new vehicle types as part of a larger quest for sustainable mobility. That requires a path going forward ... a road map.


The EV Roadmap we are pursuing in Oregon is not a monolithic, fixed plan. Instead, it is a continuous and dynamic enterprise guided by discovery, partnerships, communication, public-opinion research in Oregon and beyond, and a portfolio of well-selected projects. Come join us!.


EV Roadmap is a collaborative effort of Business Oregon and Portland State University and is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The initiative strives to promote electric vehicles (EVs) and their related industries in Oregon. As part of this collaboration, Energizing Oregon has released the Community Readiness Plan.


This site is hosted and maintained by OTREC and Portland State University's Office of Research and Sponsored Projects with generous support from The Lemelson Foundation, Business Oregon and the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Program. The site hosts work with a broad coalition involving scores of interested individuals, businesses, EV manufacturers and suppliers, nonprofits, and public sector organizations in the development of the site and the presentation of its content.All participants are interested in transportation electrification using renewables. And they are committed to accelerating the introduction, adoption, and evaluation of electric vehicles (and other low- and no-emission platforms) of various sizes, configurations, and applications that can reduce our region's C02 emissions and its reliance on foreign oil.