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Ford Focus

Ford Focus

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Become an EV Ambassador!
EV Ambassadors is a group of EV owners in the Northwest who want to share their electric experience with the community. EV Ambassadors help educate people about EVs by showing off their vehicle and talking about the benefits of going electric. Whether you use your electric-assist bike to get around town, or own a Tesla, you can help spread the word about going electric. The general public still knows very little about EVs, how they work, and the many benefits they can provide. People who... Read More
  The latest iteration of the EV Roadmap workshop series held in Portland July 30th, 31st attracted industry leaders, policy makers and advocates from around the country for in depth look into emerging issues shaping the electric vehicle market. The EV Roadmap 6 conference brought together a diversity of electric vehicle community interests, with representatives from city, state and federal government agencies, utilities, non-profit organizations, marketing firms, start up companies and... Read More
Ford Motor Company showcased its Power of Choice Tour and clean vehicle lineup in Portland last week, where community leaders, general public and media were given the opportunity to take Ford’s all-electric, hybrid and fuel-efficient gas-powered vehicles on Portland downtown streets. Ford is differentiating itself from competitors by offering a suite of green driving options, all designed to meet today’s diverse range of driving needs. Electrification is an important piece of Ford’s overall... Read More